The new Luxury collection by Manifattura 1887 goes beyond the only apparent limits of the Denim, or rather, of the Indigo, so as to define new style paths and meet the more advanced demands of both the consumers and the most exclusive brands. The name wants, first, to evoke a place, i.e. the address of the old manufacturing plant and Berto’s historic and current headquarters. It represents the deepest roots of the company, the artisan ones that always urge us towards a strict attention to details, those details that delineate an unsurpassed mark when compared to the “regular” fabrics. Details that tell, above all, a special way of understanding our job of "making" fabrics from yarns of the highest quality and with a unique ability to invent new knots and weave together seemingly incompatible materials. A new conception of the Indigo and an unconventional idea of luxury. A genuine and unique luxury, the will and the capability to have something beautiful that others do not have and cannot give you, have given birth to surprising expressions of pure textile art. The collection includes precious, highly tactile and inimitable fabrics. Perfectly imperfect. Produced with technologies "having a human face", respectful of the fiber and operated by experienced technicians, true masters of weaving, able to experiment and search ad infinitum, taking time just to get an unqualified and uncompromising quality. And to mix history with the surprising, unexpected irreverence of the Indigo. With these fabrics, Berto wanted to reinvent itself and engage in important challenges peculiar of the "fashion world": devising unusual and visionary solutions to be inserted in the catalogue, mixing for the first time, for example, wool and cashmere and manufacturing, a part from pants and outerwear, handbags and even bomber jackets, soft furnishings that represent for the company an absolute innovation. With Mazzini 11, Berto has created a collection designed for a modern, sophisticated and refined gentleman. A true connoisseur who immediately recognizes– and just as instantly wants – the added value of a garment both modern and tailored, seductive to wear and to touch; an unaware influencer that wears, lives, travels, works with nonchalance and with an innate passion for the beauty and the time: the past, the memory, and more importantly, the future and the imagination. Mazzini 11 is pure stuff, precious for the creativity of top designers. Stuff, to paraphrase Shakespeare, of which their future dreams are made.