At a time of crucial importance for the fashion industry, where the attention is shifting from the functional aspects of the product to the intangible ones, Berto launches its first collection of fabrics made with handlooms, Le Mani. Culture, creativity and tradition melt together in an unbreakable bond and become protagonists of a new economic project. Berto has long been looking for a product that could shift the attention toward the unmistakable and unique heritage that is the "know-how". The fabrics of the collection Le Mani respond to the desire to accomplish something that can last over time and convey our iconic artisan heritage. The handicraft component of these products, demonstrating a superior quality and a meticulous attention to detail, becomes something to be shown with pride: an element which guarantees the authenticity and value. All fabrics are made by people, not by machines, who thanks to their repeated movements and their great patience and attention create with their hands a priceless product. Wise movements that only craftsmen know and that it is our duty to hand down. Every day up to three meters of fabric can be produced: even the reduced production capacity testifies to the unmistakability of these fabrics whose quality and originality can be guaranteed only by the manual work of a single person. These artefacts are a real mixture between tradition and modernity, which make it possible to create the future remembering the past. Hand, weight, indigo colours and productions designed to satisfy the current style trends. The fabrics are named after the Goddesses who in Greek mythology were skilled in the art of weaving. Penelope, Athena and Andromache are not only a tool to encode the article, but an unconventional way to preserve the main function of mythology, that is explaining the origin of the world and of the various situations of reality in a fabric that does not need explanations.