BLUE SELVEDGE is a precious product, realized by means of ancient shuttle looms, original of the 50s. The fabrics are characterized by a strong Italian taste with touch and color that make them unique. The craftsmanship implies production times and an iconic image telling the truthfulness of the product.

Blue Selvedge expresses the willingness to re- create products with an authentic flavour and image but with comfortable and up-to-date performances. Working on the compositions, linen becomes the protagonist of a product that historically doesn't celebrate it, for an all around use of the denim. Working on the casts, a new image arises from the safe paths of blue and black. In the SS18 collection we deepened the theme of the colonial colors: from military green and Ecru to blue royal and blue sky Indigo.

MAZZINI 11 wants to recall the historic and current headquarters of Berto and represents the most profound roots of the company. Fabrics that define new stylistic paths within the indigo world, designed for the most advanced consumers and the most exclusive brands. Fabrics, stemming from the combination between the Indigo world and precious fibers like wool, cashmere and silk, produced on modern looms in full height.

Mazzini 11 celebrates Indigo to such an extent as to accompany it along a path of total evolution. Working on the constructions and on the yarns, we undertook a real path of transformation of the matter. Garments made with these fabrics combine the ease of use and maintenance of the denim with an elegant and refined image that finally makes the Indigo acceptable in areas where until recently it was not even conceivable.

LE MANI is the place of creation of the most precious fabrics, those with intangible and invaluable characteristics. The first project, the handmade fabric, recounts the challenge of combining our artisan heritage with industrial dynamics. The second project, organic fabrics, recounts the challenge of respecting nature in a time of unbridled industrialization.